Saturday, February 2, 2008


"You see, the term scrapbooking does not just refer to the assembly of pages. Scrapbooking actually describes an ongoing, multi-dimensional spectrum of activities that begins with an awareness of your life, followed by a desire to photograph and record your day-to-day experiences, ultimately resulting in scrapbook albums that are overflowing with perspective-laden layouts, each of which contributes in some small way to the story of your life and heritage".

-from Stacy Julian's new book, Photo Freedom

What do you scrapbook? What kind(s) of album(s) do you have? Please share by posting a comment!

I have large albums for each daughter (more or less chronological), a wedding album (including dating, engagement, and the reception), and a travel album, plus a 6"x6" album of the girls in the growth chair and a 6"x6" of formal professional photographs. I've given away bunches of mini albums, and I have a mini 3"x3" Sisters album of my girls, and one of my favorites is my coaster album of 2006 in review.


  1. Let me be the first to comment! LOL I am alot like you in the number of albums I do and have and given away. And for those who can't enjoy seeing my albums, up close and personal...I have them set up in their own individual albums online with picasa. Love that program. Don't you just love that quote from Stacey? Its say it all!!!

  2. And then there is the traveling gal who has LOTS of pages in progress and only one album finished! Finished? Is there such a thing???...xoxo


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