Saturday, May 31, 2008

Backyard Birds

Here are a few pictures of the feathered friends who visit often (and eat us out of house & home!). Too bad I haven't been able to photograph the hummingbirds. Of course we have plenty of sparrows, titmice, and chickadees who frequent our diner. The male blue jay is starting to detract from the feast. I'll have to try to photograph some of our water birds as the weather warms.

indigo bunting

American goldfinches

house finch

rose-breasted grosbeak
nuthatch at his nest (two babies this year)
pileated woodpecker
another woodpecker (female downy or hairy?)


  1. Great bird pictures! I love pileated woodpeckers, they are just gorgeous. As are indigo buntings, goldfinches...and all God's creatures! (some more than others, tho'!)

  2. So where's the picture of the reclusive squirrel??? :)

  3. Just wait until you see what those d@^n things did to my bird feeder!!!!!!! Anyone have a recipe for squirrel dumplings? (Just kidding- I don't think I could actually try that, but if anyone else wants to, let me know.)


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