Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4-H Camp

Our big girl left Monday morning bright & early for a week at 4-H camp. These four nights are the longest she's ever been away from home, but we've been reassured that the kids are too busy having fun to be homesick. So far, no news is good news. They aren't allowed to call home, etc. Luckily her best friend (and a few other good friends) are there too. Of course, that means that if/when one of them gets upset, they'll all chime in!

As we were waiting to leave, she asked if I would walk her to the bus. When it was time to load, she took off running with her two friends. At one point, she looked back at me in a bit of a panic, but I just grinned and waved. Off she went! I got a big wave from the bus window, and in a few minutes they were off.

It sure is quiet around here... Little sister has enjoyed spending the night away for the past two nights (and probably again tonight too). What a strange sensation to be child-free! I have enjoyed sleeping in the last two days! :)


  1. I remember that feeling, honey. Everyone survived waaay back then; you will, too. Look forward to having Miss M all to myself...well, I'll share her with Grumps, Parker and Missy...xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I remember when my youngest went to 4-H camp - she loved it! Hopefully Ansley is loving it, too, I'll bet she is, especially with friends around. What would we do without our friends? Hugs, Joy


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