Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to School!

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Where did the summer go?!? I've been back at work since Monday and am exhausted. We had "Meet the Teacher" this evening from 4-6, but since the school next door had theirs from 1-3, guess what? Yep, we had it from 1-6. Oh well. I did get to meet all but two of my students (and out of 28 kids that says a lot).

The girls were excited to get meet their teachers and to see their classrooms. Miss A already knew her teacher since they find out at the end of the year before. She'll be just two doors down from me, which isn't far at all since we're in a corner. It is still hard for me to believe she's coming to 5th grade. Miss M will be a big 2nd grader. Several friends & former classmates are in her class this year. I hope her teacher is ready! LOL

That's all the news here. I'll post pictures from the big day this weekend.


  1. Hugs 'n kisses from G&G for a good year to all three of you!!!!...from Stockholm:-)

  2. It's hard to believe school is starting again, but I echo the wishes for a great year for all! Hugs!


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