Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Photo Bloopers

Trying to get a puppy to cooperate for a Christmas picture turns out to be quite a challenge! (No, he's not in the final "official" print!)

Hmmm, at least we got his best side!

Or is this the better side?


Sandy B and Dick said...

I LOVE the laughing girls photo (send it to me, pls.)!!! That shows their personality so well. Puurrfectly 'adowable' for sure!...xoxoxo

chunkygal said...

It took me 15 shots to get two beagles and two girls presentable. I feel your pain.

Joy said...

So cute! Heck, I had trouble getting three children to smile at the same time, much less including a pet! Wish I'd had a digital camera back then...


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