Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Layout #17: Ansley's 9th Birthday

I didn't go the traditional birthday route with this scrapbook layout! With her party's Nancy Drew theme, I had to go with the Confidential stamp set, and since the Unforgettable paper pack matched the photos so well, it was the winning combination.

Do you like how I used a pop dot on the clipboard "clip" to give it some dimension? (I love this trick!)


  1. I love the clipboard 'clip'. A beautiful LO!

  2. How funny...I was just over at your CTMH website looking at this very same layout! Love ya!!!

  3. I love how it turned out and the magnifying glass with the silouhette was a great touch. But you are right, the clipboard was perfect.

  4. I agree, they made this set just for this layout! :-) So cute!

  5. CG, you were the inspiration for the magnifying glass and silhouette! I wouldn't have even remembered to include that one w/o you.


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