Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Weekend Report

{If you're not interested in random tidbits about our lives, you're going to want to skip this post! No hard feelings, really!}

Since I am up way too early on a Saturday morning and tired of being the only one awake after enjoying an hour of solitude, I will chat with you. Lucky you! Here's the lowdown from this week...

*Ansley's new glasses (frames at least) came in. She is so glad to have them back, and they look great! (I managed to shut them in the car door and snap them in half, well more like 1/3 and 2/3, after she had taken them off in the car during our long trip to the dentist.) Also, can you tell that I'm teaching fractions right now?

*Sunday's scrap class was lots of fun, and I hope to finish my layout this weekend. I really need to finish my Extravaganza application instead. Nothing like procrastinating!

*Ansley competed in 4-H CPA this week and was absolutely devastated that she didn't place. It broke my heart. She worked hard on her project, and at basically the last minute decided she really wanted to place to go on to DPA (where she earned 3rd place last year). Doesn't it kill you when your child is hurting? I so wanted to take her pain away, but at the same time this is a good learning experience. Life is not always wonderful, is it? You can't enjoy the sun without a little rain and all that? The most frustrating part right now for me is that she doesn't think her project is any good now. I keep trying to explain to her that just because she didn't place doesn't mean that she didn't do well. The others just did better. Ah, those tough life lessons.

*Macey has to make a poster about Eleanor Roosevelt this weekend for a presentation she's doing Tuesday. She's also really excited about already meeting her reading goal for this quarter, and best of all, she's found some new books that she really likes after finishing a series she enjoyed. It is wonderful watching her become an avid reader!

*Logan is sick and tired of winter. The rest of us are too, but he takes it a lot harder than we do.

*If we miss another school day for snow, we're going to have to start making up days on Saturdays or Spring Break. No more snow, no more snow, no more snow...

*My Uncle Mickey has been placed in hospice care and is resting at home. While this is hard, he is ready. Thanks in advance for your prayers for his safe and peaceful crossing and for his wife. She's struggling but doing better. Of course this is really hard on my Mom since this is her big (and only) brother.

*We are sorry to see the Olympics drawing to a close but will enjoy watching the last two days.

*Logan and I are going to go play "corn hole" tonight with my brother, sister, BIL, and friends while the girls spend the night with their grandmother. It will be fun to watch our own "redneck Olympics!" LOL

If you've hung in this far, I'd love to hear the highlights of your week and your weekend plans. Life isn't always easy, but it sure is good! My little sugar lump just got up.


  1. LOVE hearing all about what is happening (but of course!). Glad A likes her new glasses. We can Skype and see them???

    After tearing up over the Unkle Mickey report (he is sleeping more and eating less), I got a good chuckle out of the corn hole game. Moved inside to our house if it rains? I cracked up when we got home from our Dec. cruise and found our hallway had been used for corn hole playing! Photos!!!

    Dad is back out playing in concrete. Will definitely post photos. I will probably bead...

    Miss y'all...xoxoxo

  2. Oh yeah, we're partying at your house while you're gone. Brian & Jason are heating up the moho bay for the corn hole championship.

  3. Sorry about Uncle Mickey Hayley and for your daughters disappointment.
    Some schools in Iowa are cutting spring break and having Sat school!!! and laying off 300 teachers in Des Moines...totally makes sense huh.

  4. In Ranger (NC) they've already had one Saturday of school to start making up the days. I've had enough snow for this winter!


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