Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Highlights

Here are a few highlights from our Easter celebration. It was a blessed day indeed!
Loot after the Easter egg hunt
(Ansley is getting used to her new Transitions lenses.)
The Grands

Uncle Brian (who along with Uncle Reid and Daddy hid all the Easter eggs for the hunt in the garden)

family friends Dan & Joan, who my parents have known since B.C. (before children), so that's a REALLY long time!

Macey had to take her shoes off outside because they were slowing her down during the hunt. She has totally ruined those brand new tights!


Our priest Jim+ and Grumps


  1. I enjoyed all the Easter pictures, it was almost as good as being there! The girls look so pretty in their Easter dresses and the grownups clean up pretty well, too! Enjoy your Spring Break week.

  2. least all the young folks looked good! I haven't even downloaded my photos yet, so I appreciate the preview:-)


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