Saturday, June 5, 2010

4-H Camp Burton on Tybee Island

All four of us left Monday at 5:15 (AM!) to go to 4-H Camp Burton on Tybee Island, Georgia (near Savannah). Logan and I were chaperones, Ansley attended her 3rd (and final) year of Cloverleaf camp, and Macey got to attend as an underage camper since we were chaperoning.

Here are a few highlights of the trip:

A dolphin cruise
(Do you see the one near the boat? Click on the photo to make it larger!)

This particular lighthouse, built in 1855 on an oyster bed near Fort Pulaski, marks the entrance to the river to the Savannah port. Notice how its base is shaped like the prow of a ship.

Hamming it up at The Mad Hatter on River Street
(Macey is wearing and bought a pizza hat.)

We had seven terrific classes throughout the course of the week. Here is Macey petting a bald python in Reptiles class. Since Macey and I were in the same color crew (Go Orange!), I have lots of pictures of her. Ansley was in purple crew and Logan was green.

Our whole county's campers at Fort Pulaski

Getting muddy and learning about marsh ecology
(I found the largest fiddler crab- and got a boy to catch it- earning our crew a gold coin.)

Too bad a maid didn't come with us...
Nine girls plus me in the cabin

Here is our Orange Crew counselor, Nicole

The college-age counselors were all FABULOUS! I have never seen such enthusiasm and energy before!

If your kids have ever wanted to go to camp, I would highly recommend looking into 4-H for them. We all had an awesome time!

Needless to say, we are all exhausted, but camp was a blast! We would all definitely do it again!


  1. You can't go wrong in such a fab setting and with great folks! Sure looks like it was fun...except for that laundry part!


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