Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ruffled Ribbon Flowers

Several people have asked how I made the beautiful (if I do say so myself) ruffled ribbon flowers on my recent layout. It was easier than you can imagine!

First, I was inspired by the latest CTMH TV Art & Soul webisode, Eclectic Elegance, where Monica hows how to make ruffles with ribbon just like this one. (You can watch it by clicking HERE.) Sorry I don't have time for a full-fledged tutorial right now!

I wasn't sure how much to start with so I just cut off a foot or more of the gorgeous Creme Brulee ribbon that has the threaded edges down both sides. (I think this larger flower used about 18" of ribbon.) I pulled one of the threads out a bit and knotted it. Then, I started pulling that thread at the other end, gathering the ribbon as I went. The tighter I pulled, the more it wanted to curl into the flower shape. (You could work with ribbon right off the spool until you got the desired size, then cut off the end, pull the thread tight at that end, and knot it to secure.)

I used a circle of cardstock as my base, and once I had the basic flower shape, I added a bunch of glue dots to the cardstock circle, then started sticking the flower down. You can definitely work with it as you go. Just be sure you're using enough glue dots to hold this baby in place. Once the front was pretty, I knotted the thread that I had been pulling out and then adhered the thread to the back of the cardstock circle. I cut off all the excess thread and threw it away. (It was pretty stringy and straggly at that point so I couldn't see saving it.) I added the Mocha Opaque Pearl to beautify the center (and hide the icky end).

Someone asked me if I had basted the ribbon. I have no idea what that means but I know you could sew a running stitch down one side of practically any ribbon and then start gathering it together to create the same effect.

If you try one of these, I would love to see your creation! Please leave me a comment to point me to yours, or of course let me know if you have any questions. It really was easier than it probably looks. I certainly impressed myself! ;)

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  1. Haley,
    Your flower is very, very pretty (you are not exaggerating!) and I'm so glad you shared how to make it! I never thought about using the ribbon that has stitching to create one of these - what a time saver!!!!



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