Sunday, May 13, 2012

Less Is More Week 67 Challenge: One Layer, 3 Stamps

The current Less Is More challenge (week 67) is to make a one layer card using only 3 stamps.  I love the clean and simple (CAS) style but really struggle with it.  Mine always look so plain, but the examples I see are usually so beautiful. 

This card base already had the sentiment stamped on it, so I grabbed the music staff stamp and black ink that was still out on my table from another project (lots more on that later!).  I thought it paired well with "Just a Note" (from the Card Chatter- Sympathy stamp set).  I had to stamp it twice to cover the card completely from top to bottom. 

I'm not sure if my third stamp, the butterfly, really "goes" with this card, but it fits the 3rd stamp requirement and is pretty cheerful. ;)  Coloring it with watercolor pencils (minus the water) really helped it pop and tie into the card at the same time.

Thanks for sharing my CAS attempt.  Check out all the beautiful creations at Less Is More if you like the CAS style too!

All supplies from Close To My Heart


  1. I think that all the comments you have made about your card are valid Haley... it's not just the subject matter of the stamps which needs to tie in, but the style of image too. The manuscript is traditional whereas the butterfly is modern and therein lies a little problem.
    The sentiment is perfect for the manuscript in both style and content, although a similar coloured ink might have been more complementary.
    To capture the CAS look, don't be afraid to leave white space. The manuscript could have been stamped off the page taking up less width on the card leaving a bigger gap between it and the sentiment.
    I'd love to see another experiment from you maybe trying these thoughts... more white space, same colour sentiment and traditional 3rd stamp.
    What do you think?
    I would be most interested in seeing!
    Thanks so much for this submission!
    "Less is More"

  2. I like the different elements but it does look as if it's 2 different cards - the 2 halves don't really gel together. It would be interesting to see the reult of Chrissie's ideas.

  3. Well, I like it! I like it a lot! I like the "just a note" sentiment and think it ties in well with the music - and butterflies go with anything. I could see handwriting a message in the white space and sending it, in fact I may have to make some of these. It would make a cute postcard, too, saving on postage!

  4. I agree with Joy (no surprise). Butterflies are always a good addition...

  5. Your butterfly is a wonderful whimsical addition -Good Luck

  6. I think its the placement of the elements rather than what they are. I'd personally have overlapped the butterfly on the music, or perhaps a rose or flower instead. Made the music slightly paler. Overlapping or off the edges of the card can create super effects
    No offence, just trying to help,as Chrissie has too
    Super stamping, so neat


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