Monday, July 29, 2013

H2H Challenges: Ombre

The ombre color effect has been very trendy, so Heart 2 Heart Challenges has jumped on the color, er, band wagon!  (If you're not sure what this looks like, think about paint chips or go visit the H2H blog for inspiration.  Personally, I am sick and tired of looking at paint chips!  Our house remodel is about to kill me!)

Here's my first card for the challenge:
I chose Sweet Leaf, Olive, and New England Ivy, and then added the Ponderosa Pine strip across the very bottom because I didn't like the "floating" chevrons.  (Do you see the cool ikat design on the bottom chevron?  It's from the Geometric Backgrounds stamp set- coming August 1!)  The top piece is made from Chantilly B&T; the rest is card stock.  The Sweet Leaf ribbon, Olive button, and natural hemp are all from my stash.

Here's my version of a chevron DIY tutorial that I found on Pinterest (of course):
Start with a piece of card stock 2" wide (mine is 6" in length).  Set one long side along the guide of your paper trimmer.  At 5", 3", and 1", cut 1" from the edge to the center of the strip.  Turn the paper so that the other long edge is along the cutting guide, and cut a 1" slit at 2" and 4".
Now it is time to start folding.  You will fold down each flap to create small triangles.  (I started at the left and folded that piece down to the left, to the outside edge.  The next flap got folded in half to the right, then the other part of that piece I folded down to the left, etc.)
 Turn the paper 180 degrees and continue folding.
 You will now have your chevron pattern!  I recommend creasing this piece really well, then turning it back over, unfolding it, running adhesive along the (non-folded) center chevron strip, then fold the flaps back down.  It will make it much easier to then adhere your chevron(s) to your project.

Come back tomorrow for a totally different ombre card.  This challenge will be open until this Saturday, 8/3.  All of the earlier July challenges close on the 31st.  Hope to see what you make at the H2H challenge blog!

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  1. Ombré is cool! And I know chevrons are the latest "thing" but they are just not me. :-) It's interesting to know how to make them but I doubt I will do it.


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