Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beautiful Smile Layout Share

Another highlight for our older daughter is that she got her braces off (after two-and-a-half years) in September!  I created a Studio J layout to commemorate her braces journey.  One cool thing about Studio J is that I could upload photos as I went.  In other words, I started this layout over two years ago!  As long as I order every quarter, I could keep the photos in my project files.
Can you believe how much she has grown and changed in the past 2.5 years?  It is amazing to see her growth all together like this!

I used the feminine Chantilly collection for the layout.  Since you can add a text box anywhere, I typed "before" and "after" directly onto the appropriate photos.  Turn off the vellum and the text background is transparent.  Easy, right?

Thanks for taking a few steps on this journey with me!


  1. Love that layout! And she is so beautiful.

  2. My beautiful, sweet granddaughter. How I love her. And yes, she is changing...much too fast! Great layout.


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