Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Short Story Mini Album

Close To My Heart has partnered with Stacy Julian to create Story by Stacy, which now features 3 different kinds (sizes) of mini albums and a worksheet to help you make them.  Story Starter is 4"x4",  Short Story albums are 6"x6", and the newest addition, Stories I Love, is 6"x8".  (You can learn more about each one HERE.)  Below is my Black & White Short Story right out of the packaging. 
I knew exactly what I wanted to make so I did not use the worksheet.  My husband's mom made him this poster of pictures for his 50th birthday, and I have been wanting to convert them into a mini album.
I pulled the pictures off and cut out her journaling to include as much as I could.  Here are the results:
Each pair is a 6"x6" left and right page.  I did make the effort to pull a few more childhood photos to include his dad and his brother in his album.
School photos and young adult shenanigans
Dating and early married life
Here come the girls!
I went ahead and added a family photo from this year since I had extra and needed one more page.  I probably should have found a photo from his 50th birthday, but I didn't go to the trouble when this beauty was already sitting on my craft table.  The final page is a photo of the poster itself and a quick note about how his mom had made the poster and then I had turned it into an album.

I am really looking forward to my next one!  I might actually follow the directions on the next one...

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