Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fun

Our community holds an annual Sorghum Festival each October. Now, if you're not from around here, you're probably asking what sorghum is. It is a cane similar to sugar that grows in the area and is used to make syrup. The locals love to sop up sorghum syrup with a biscuit, but personally I can't stand the stuff!

Today was the parade so we took the girls. We enjoyed this little slice of Americana and home grown fun. I'm not sure who got more candy, the girls or me, since lots of my current & former students lobbed candy at me. I like to think it's because they like me...

Of course all the local celebrities were on display, from politicians to the beauty pageant queens. Miss M liked all the cars, but Miss A & her BFF loved the horses best. We even saw Off My Mountain Porch's daughter playing trombone in the band.


  1. I ended up going to the parade after all. What a gorgeous day for it! Didn't get any candy, though! Hugs...

  2. What can you do with sorghum other than biscuit soppin"? My favorite recipe is sorghum cookies. I have friend who request these whenever they come. You can substitute sorghum in any recipe for molasses

  3. If you did that, CG, you'd ruin perfectly good cookies! Blech...


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