Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Glasses

Who is this young lady? Where did my little girl go? I knew this was coming, I expected this to happen, but even knowing, when it does, WHAM. I know she will always be my little girl, but at 10 she is growing up fast. Not too fast, but fast nonetheless.

Gone are the old glasses, which lasted her for two years. She was definitely physically outgrowing them, and then the optometrist broke off the nose piece! (Apparently she and nickel do not mix too well; hence the new plastic glasses.) Her friends were sad that her "Harry Potter" glasses were gone, but they passed favorable ("cool!") judgment on the new ones.

Then, to top off this "growth spurt," we had to have THE TALK about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I will not go into detail here out of respect for various readers, but this was much harder on both of us than any of the other versions of THE TALK that we've had this year. My, my, my, don't they grow up fast? At least she's not growing up too fast. And I'm thankful that she has the opportunity to grow up at all. I sure do love this girl. Or is it young lady now?


  1. I love them! hopefully it will be a while til you have to have THE TALK I have with Katie and Eric.

  2. Debora's comment made me laugh...but I do love the new glasses, too. And your post made me remember "that" talk with my youngest - she was not a happy camper. But she got over it. Oh, my, they do grow up fast!

  3. I love the new glasses, too! Now you know what I had to go through with you three..glasses, 'talks' and everything in between:-) It is all soooo worth it!...xoxoxoxo

  4. She looks very grown up in her new glasses!


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