Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Sisters

The girls are generally very sweet to each other, though they have their days when it seems all they do is squabble. Typical sisters, right?

The other morning Macey seemed sad and confessed to crying in the night because she "didn't want Ansley to grow up." When questioned, she replied that her sister won't be any fun when she grows up! (See what she thinks of us old folks? Of course, she was talking about "when Ansley's in 8th grade and I'm in 5th" so she may be right about those teenage years! At least they probably won't seem too fun to me!)

If you have siblings, what sweet memory do you share of them?


  1. my sister and i are "irish twins" (11 months apart) and we shared a room most of our lives (do kids do that anymore?). She was a chicken scaredy cat and we were not allowed to watch Shock theatre, a local weekly horror show) because she would be terrified for a whole week after. I would alwyas go over to a firends house to watch and she was always tagging along. She would always promise bravery and swear off telling mom that we watched it. But afterwards she would always tell and cry and be scared. I would always get in trouble. We ordered The head that wouldn't die from Netflix this weekend and we are going to watch it again. Mom is out of town, so I won't be getting in trouble for a while. P.S. She promises not to get scared!

  2. My big bro was always good about taking me places and one of my most memorable was of him taking me to see Jerry Lee Lewis and Conway Twitty in concert. I had no idea who they were at 12 or 13, but I was 'big enough' to go with big bro and all the other big teens and sure knew that I rated!

  3. what a sweetie! i don't have fun memories like that of growing up with my sister due to our age gap... but watching 3 boys grow up as close in age as Frank, Sam and Jake is quite the adventure. Jake is the mediator most of the time between Sam and Frank... not that he actually tries to solve their arguments, rather he will play with Sam for awhile and then when Frank starts to bother them b/c he is feeling left out, jake will switch to playing with Frank. Sam always has the hardest time adjusting to jake leaving him high and dry. I always wonder if they will stay this close as the get older.

  4. I'm the older of two children, and my 5-years-younger brother really knew how to get to me as we were growing up...he used to make me so mad! But now we are really close and I'm his biggest fan. (and can't remember the last time he made me mad) :-)
    Not having any "blood" sisters is one reason I'm so glad to claim your mom as my sister of the heart!


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