Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Digital Layout with Studio J

Close To My Heart is branching into the world of digital scrapbooking through a FREE online design program, called Studio J. (You can learn more about it at Studio It is scheduled to launch to the public in March.) I couldn't believe how easy it was! The cool thing is that you can use it to design your pages- to see how this and that will look- and then go to your scrapbook table and create your layout the traditional way (not printing it but using your own supplies). OR you can design your pages, complete with your digital photos and journaling, and purchase the layout! It will print on cardstock and be mailed to you. They are incredibly beautiful in person. (I have a sample layout I can show you now.)

Yesterday, between a bit of house cleaning and getting ready for the funeral, I created my first digital layout! (Sorry I don't have a photo yet; I will take one when I purchse it.) There are some perks for ordering 10 layouts at a time, so I will be creating them and then purchasing them in bulk at a later date. I used photos from the annual Fourth of July Boat Parade that I haven't printed yet, a paper pack that I don't own (Can you believe there is such a thing?!?), and the My Stickease from the pack (which I also don't own). My layout has ribbon, bows, buttons, photo anchors, and more. (I included two of my favorite photos for your viewing pleasure.) My layout is based on one of CTMH's exclusive layout sketches from Cherish or Imagine. (Of course I don't remember which one I used!) I was able to rotate and/or flip the pages to work with my pictures.

One really cool feature was that the program did an amzing job of automatically cropping my photos to fit the space. I did learn that on my old computer (fast connection/slow computer), I could only upload one photo at a time. I just started the upload, went and did something else (had plenty to do!), then came back. Studio J autosaves as you go, but you can also tell it to save when you want/need to. Oh, and it will save your project for 90 days even if you don't make a purchase! (I will have to check my FAQ to find out how long it will save the project if you purchase it.)

I can't wait to create some more layouts! I will continue to be a traditional scrapper because there's nothing like playing with paper, inks, stamps, and more, but Studio J is a really fun alternative. I see it being especially useful when you want enlargements of your photos on your layouts. They can be expensive to order, but Studio J includes designs with larger photos. Maybe I'll try one of those next...
{Whew! Sorry to have written a novel this morning! ~Haley}
{Layout 2010 #5}


  1. Try before you buy...great idea! Sounds very interesting.

  2. I look forward to seeing your sample, and the thought of designing on the computer then creating with papers and ink does appeal to me! I love playing with papers and ink!

  3. I played with it too!! very fun...but I couldn't save my work as I hadn't created an account..sigh...great photos!


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