Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!

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We wish you the very best in 2010!!!!

Do you make resolutions? If so, what are yours this year? I plan to work harder to organize our home. As we grow and change, what used to work doesn't any more, and some things never worked at all! LOL (We WILL get Macey moved into her own room this year!) I also want to find better balance while focusing more on my health and wellness (without short-changing my family). Whew. What are your goals or resolutions?
Also, I hope you enjoy this virtual Happy New Year card. It mixes a bit of old with some new. The old is the January Word Puzzle (now retired) and the Friendship Alphabet (for '10), which was a special last September. The new is this fun and funky You Rock paper (Sunflower, Olive, and Outdoor Denim inks). Check out the detail of my bling: ten tiny sparkles! Happy 2010!!!


  1. I LOVE your card!! I have too many resolutions to list! LOL

  2. Haley, great card love the 10 little sparkles - grins - . Resolutions - hmmmmm. I guess it is to make the best of 2010.
    Wishing you the best of the new year.

  3. Cute card! Love the bling on it.

    No resolutions made equals none broken...simple!

    Having traditional blacked-peas, collard greens, and corn bread today for luck and prosperity in the new year. And seeing family and friends to warm my heart.

  4. Cute card and I love that paper! This is a great use for it. I see some in my future...but I'm with your mom on the resolutions! :-)
    Happy New Year and New Decade.

  5. I love both cards - you are ambitious, I must admit! My resolution is not to eat ANY fast food this year! AND to make a point and start using all of 'my stuff' I have hoarded. Wish me luck!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Haley,
    Love your card with "You Rock" I wasn't really feeling it, but love how you really brought it to life with the yellow.

  7. Happy New year Hayley!!! LOVE you card...can't wait to get my hands on that paper.


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