Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gifts Revealed!

Now that some of the Christmas hoopla has passed, I can share some of the gifts that I made. (We haven't had Christmas yet with the in-laws because we were snowed out! We all decided after Christmas brunch and togetherness at my house Christmas morning that we would have Christmas dinner and presents in a few days when the snow melts and driving is safe for everyone.)

Gifts for my parents are always a challenge. They are truly blessed to have what they need. As much as they love to travel, they don't need more "stuff" to haul around, so I decided to start a tradition that my friend Debora does: create a scrapbook and give them layouts as gifts.

Obviously this album is all about FAMILY. I thought that would cover a lot of ground! Since Mom's a scrapper, she can add to it herself too.

Here is the layout I made of my family (from our photo shoot in August). Using Studio J couldn't have been easier! I was able to use the Magnifique papers but customize the colors to better suit my photos. Very cool!

I asked my brother and sister for some of their favorite photos. Brian didn't come through in time (but his WILL get made!). Here are some of my sister's favorite family photos. (The bad thing is that I meant to order a layout for her too but only put one in my cart. I will reorder one for her as a belated merry Christmas.)

{Layouts 2010 #68-70}


  1. We both loved our gift. That was such a great idea, honey. Thanks bunches...xoxoxo

  2. What a very special gift! I'm already planning some scrapbooks with all these snow pictures, they'll make great gifts, too.


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