Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

We interrupt our regularly scheduled holiday program to bring you the adorable Remy and his royal weirdness- he actually likes to drink water from the faucet! (This totally grosses out my husband, but it makes me laugh- at the cat and at hubby!)


  1. Whatever Remy wants, Remy gets! He can't help it if he likes FRESH water. Puurrrr...

    Thanks for helping with the dinner last night. Come back any time:)...xo

  2. Great pictures and a very cute cat! We have 2 cats and it is funny and sometimes annoying the habits they pick up. We bought one of those continuously flowing drinking fountains so the cats could have running water.

  3. That is funny. Our 8 year old cat just recently decided that she wants to drink out of the bathroom faucet. She sits on the countertop and waits for someone to turn the water on for her. Have no idea why she started this. lol

  4. How Cute! I use to have a cat that liked curling up in the sink too. He would also drink out of the faucet, but sit on the side of the sink and stare at me until I turned on the water for him!
    Have a very Merry Christmas Haley!


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