Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!

Here in the "North Georgia Alps" we get a few snow falls each year. We're home from school today with at 2"-3" of snow on EVERYTHING! It is beautiful this morning but so far the dog hasn't wanted out so no pictures of today. (Fine by me!)

Here he is enjoying his walk yesterday afternoon. It snowed all day, even though the Weather Channel radar didn't show anything in our area.
Finally, here is one of our lamposts in its nighttime beauty (I have no idea why it wasn't on!).


  1. Solid white over here...will take some photos when it gets a little lighter and post them. Brrr...

  2. Really like the light post picture. I love snow. :)

  3. THe north Ga Alps.. I love it!
    The beagles at our house also do not want to go out. I am amazed at how long they will hold it. But beagles do love fires in the fireplace! Daisy sits and stares at it like she is hypnotized.


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