Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4th Grade Field Trip (Layout Share)

Can you tell how much I love Studio J online scrapbooking? It has truly given me creative freedom and allows me to scrapbook in minutes, not hours (unless I want to take hours).

When I uploaded my photos from chaperoning our younger daughter's field trip to Atlanta this past spring (Daddy went with #1 daughter when she was in 4th grade), the red, blue, and brown shades popped out to me. This Independence kit seemed like a perfect match to go along with the theme of visiting the Georgia State Capitol.

Here are a few fun Studio J techniques I used on this layout:

  • My Stickease "doily" artwork behind photos: I loved the old fashioned doily, and ended up using them as photo mattes. Place them where you want them, then click "send behind" or "send to back" to place them behind the picture.

  • Stitching: Studio J has added a "stitching" feature and there are several shapes to choose from. I stitched several stars on my layout to enhance the vintage, patriotic feel of the layout.

{Layout 2011 #67}

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  1. Love that layout! (Somewhere I have pictures of Melissa's 4th grade trip to the Capitol, for which I was one of the chaperones.)


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