Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The First Day of School (Layout Share)

We are home this week from school (Fall Break) so I am cleaning, cleaning, CLEANING. There's a reward for my hard work, though, because my cousin (who now lives in Wisconsin) is coming for a visit. I am really excited about it!

This layout is from the first day of school, over eight weeks ago. I actually worked on it the weekend following and then dabbled a bit here and there until I liked the results. (Of course, I saved up ordering until I had several layouts ready. As a Studio J member, I get free shipping once a month on up to 20 layouts.)

STUDIO J TIP: See the banner at the top of the page? They're made of the "tails" of the winner's ribbon My Stickease (that you can see on the lower left side of the right page). It was easy to copy and paste them where I wanted them. Whatever hangs off the page doesn't get printed (just like how you can stamp off the edge of your project). I also "stapled" the top of each one. I didn't not use the precision tool to line them up perfectly exactly, because life just doesn't work that way for me!

{Layout 2011 #66}

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