Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Highlights

How was your Halloween? Ours was wet and cold!

We enjoyed the "Fright Night" dance performance put on by a local dance company (not ours). The kids were really good, though some of their style dancing was not what I would prefer. They did well and definitely fit the zombie, fright night theme!

We hit the town square for a bit of drizzly trick-or-treating but didn't make it all the way around before the girls were cold and ready to go. They certainly got enough loot to last a long time though!

Here are close ups of my beautiful princess and scary vampire.

(She also had a beautiful princess costume but really wanted to be a vampire instead. What can you do but let kids be kids, right?)

Now for possibly the scariest costume of all: your teacher! LOL
(The girls had set up their own photo shoot so I had to get in on the fun!)

We hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!


Sandy B said...

You'll have to send me these photos so I can keep them:-) It was fun seeing all of you and getting hugs!!! Do that any time!

Joy said...

You indeed had a beautiful princess and a beautiful vampire! Glad the dance thing was enjoyable. I missed seeing your kids in costume this year, but we can't be everywhere, can we? Hugs...

Sarah said...

We had a rainy cold TOT night too!!! My kids didn't last long in 40 degrees with a howling wind and rain...BUT they had fun passing out candy.
Loved your pics hee hee great one they took of you!


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