Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo A Day Challenge (Set 1)

Scrap Big (AKA the Big Picture Scrapbooking blog) has issued a challenge to take a photo each day in December. How fun is that? (I am thinking that I will print my daily photos wallet size and then create a calendar scrapbook page at the end of the month.)

Here are mine so far. For some days it was really hard to choose only one photo, and for other days, it's been hard to come up with a photo. Great challenge!

12/1 our Advent countdown calendar

12/2 the girls with Grammie & Grumps (my parents)

12/3 Ansley's 6th grade band Christmas concert

12/4 our first Christmas card (It actually arrived 11/30! It's from my lovely friend and downline Debora and her family.)

12/5 Let it snow! We had a lovely snow shower- our first of the season and very early for our area. Here is one of my driveway lamposts all decked out for the holidays.

12/6 Goofy Girls: "Mason" the detective with the moustache courtesy of Big Sis.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I am trying to do this too!!! But what a great idea putting all the pics together in a calendar page....your lamppost reminds me of Narnia :0)

  2. i ove your pix so far, especially that smokin hot card!

  3. Interesting idea for keeping cards from previous years! I usually keep Christmas cards and letters I get for a year, reread them as I address my current cards, and discard them as the new ones come. But some of those old Christmas letters from friends are fun to re-read - and they are a chronicle of our lives. I wish I'd kept my OWN Christmas letters in some sort of order. Maybe I can work on that this year, I think I have copies of most of them.


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