Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  While my husband and I have never been huge fans of the day (Hello, 50% off on 2/15!), we do acknowledge and appreciate each other and especially our girls.  I used my current Craft with Heart card subscription to send my girls this card (the kit provides materials for two of each card):
 Both card styles are 3"x4" and include everything you need except adhesive.  Even the 3D foam tape from the shaker window is used on the first card.  I love how the heart on the card front hides the circle shape of the shaker!  (In this case, however, more silver star confetti is better than less!)  I did add the black enamel dot to the card from my stash; everything else was included (except adhesive) in my Craft with Heart Card subscription.
My second card went to my sweet niece, who is a freshman in college like our younger daughter.  (My brother and I are experiencing empty next syndrome together!)  I added Pink Taffeta Stickles glitter gel to the pretty little flowers, because I know that my niece expects/needs some bling in her life!

Here's hoping that these Valentine cards arrive on time, but even if they don't, they were made with love for three precious young women!

Happy Valentine's to you and yours!  May you have love in your heart, whether it is romantic or platonic, because as the Beatles say, "All you need is love!"

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