Friday, August 7, 2009

First Day of School Recap

Photos from when we were leaving for the first day of school today...

I am happy to report that two of us had a great first day. Middle school was not "all that" (especially since she went to the wrong Connections class- band- instead of PE today). At her age, that was the end of the world! She'll learn, all the way around. It wasn't a bad day, just not as great as she was hoping.


  1. Can't believe you are back already!!!

  2. Your first assignment from Mom is to send me copies of all three photos! Simply beautiful...I know all of you will have a great year.

  3. I agree with Sandy, those photos are great! Glad it was a good day - and A will get into the "swing" of the middle school schedule pretty quickly. (Middle school? How did that happen?)


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