Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Day of School!

Tomorrow is the first day of school! I can't believe it's here. Tonight's open house went well, and 21 of our 26 students and their families came. Not bad. (I say "our" because I am blessed to work with my dear friend and co-teacher Traci all day long. Those who know us can't believe that they don't separate us! LOL We have an inclusion classroom meaning that we have students with special needs in our room and that they have two teachers to help meet their needs.)

The girls were excited to get to meet their teachers. Ansley is pumped up to start middle school (6th grade) and band (clarinet like me), and Macey is excited to begin 3rd. I don't know if any of us will sleep well tonight! I never sleep well the night before school starts!

Kinda scary to think that this will be my 32nd first day of school... That doesn't shock me as much as realizing that this is my 17th start as the teacher. When did I get so old?!? Hopefully I won't have to grow up anytime soon...

Wish us luck tomorrow! Thanks!


  1. Good Luck Hayley!!!! You Rock.
    Knock their socks off!

  2. Hope you and the girls all have a terrific "first day of school" this year!

  3. Have a great 1st Day back....and also a great year!

  4. where did the summer go? We took our annual first day of school picture this am. We had an interesting start to the water and a car that wouldn't crank...oh well it is what keeps life nteresting...
    You really cranked out the layouts this summer! Very productive.

  5. So you think this makes YOU feel old? How 'bout your mama?!!!!!! Big hugs, honey...


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