Friday, March 26, 2010

TGIF and an Altered Journal

After a VERY stressful weekend at work, it is so nice to relax and unwind this evening! I am scrapbooking a bit tonight. Yes!

I wish I could go into detail about some of the things that have made this week so stressful, but most school/classroom "business" is confidential. One really sad thing that happened that I can share is that one of the students that we have worked so hard with has moved to Florida to live with his grandparents. While I think that he will really benefit from this move, I am so sad to see him go. We have worked so hard with him (and against him sometimes), and we won't get to reap what we've sowed (BTW, by "we" I mean my co-teacher and me). The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways, though, because his move opened up a valuable opportunity for another student. I can only pray that it is all for the best!

Another great thing about this week was going to dinner last night with my fifth grade co-workers to celebrate our outstanding teacher of the year. Mrs. Hughes, you deserve this honor! We had her reception months ago but were finally able to get our team together for a good time. I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time!!! Dinner was great! To top it off, we presented her with a journal in which we had all written a special message. (I was honored to be asked to "jazz it up" a bit before giving it to her.)

Here's to good friends and the little blessings in life!

P.S. Please send good thoughts our way Saturday morning as Ansley presents her 4-H DPA (District Project Achievement) presentation!

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  1. The journal is beautiful, honey. I know Mrs. H will enjoy it. Glad you could have some fun after a stressful week. Sending hugs to you and Ansley. I know she will do a great job. See y'all Sunday!...xoxoxo


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