Sunday, July 22, 2012

Studio J Enhancements (Part 2 of 2)

Close To My Heart is making Studio J online scrapbooking better than ever!  (If you'd like a printable version of these improvements, click HERE.)  If you haven't already read my Q&A about Studio J, scroll down to the next post (or to the bottom of this one for a link) first, then come back here.  Thanks!

Here’s a list of the improvements:

*No more membership requirements for amazing benefits! Members-only layouts and patterns are available to everyone! (If you already have a current membership, you can read about the transition period below.)

*Express Collections are ready-made layouts (10 in each of six albums): drop in your photos, add your journaling, and order your layouts! They are fully embellished and finished for you! You can personalize them more if you’d like, and you can even mix and match between different Express Collections and other Studio J layouts.

*Receive FREE JPGs with every layout purchase OR purchase the JPGs only.

*There is a minimum purchase of 4 layouts at a time on an order (max 50); if you are only ordering JPGs then there is no minimum order quantity.

*Pricing for layouts will now be $6.95 for physical layouts and only $2.95 for JPGs! Remember, if you purchase the physical, printed layout, your JPGs are free!

*You will no longer receive free page protectors, but we can fit up to 50 layouts into a box for only $5.95 shipping! (Contact me to get your page protectors and albums, or order them directly from my website

*Five-packs will only cost $39.95! (These make great gifts!)

*Hostesses can now get credit for Studio J orders! You will have the opportunity at checkout to add the order to an open gathering on your consultant’s website! Of course five-packs can still be purchased at a home gathering, online, or through me.

*You can get Studio J credits as hostess rewards!

*The new color palette will include the recommended colors for each kit, now or old.

*Continue to enjoy the lower Studio J pricing, free shipping, and free page protectors until 9/30/12.

*On 10/1/12, all member accounts will be converted to non-member accounts.

*For every month of active membership that you have beginning July 2012, you will receive credit for one free layout in your account for every calendar month of active membership, even if membership expires before the month’s end. For example, my Studio J membership will expire 9/7/12, so that means that I have three months of membership (July, August, and September) that will give me 3 free layout credits in my Studio J account on 10/1/12.

*What if you have a membership code that hasn’t been activated? No problem! Whenever you’re ready to activate it, you will automatically receive these benefits. (A three-month membership, for example, will give you three free layout credits.) Just go to your account in Studio J and click on the “membership” tab.

Be sure to also read my Studio J Q &A to learn more about Studio J online scrapbooking! 

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments section, and I'll get back to you.  (Add your email if you'd like a private response.)  Thanks!

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  1. Oh boy, I'll have to check this out!!! My Studio J order just arrived:) Awesome and easy peasy!


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