Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Videos to Share

This first one is just for fun: my oldest nephew is the cute little fellow you see waving first- about 12 seconds in to the video.  Yes, I also know the talented singer/producer of this cute video.  (And if you want to come to the Green Bean Festival, I'll meet you there!)

This second is more serious and deeply moving.  If you're already a scrapper, then you probably already know Stacy Julian and Big Picture Classes.  If not, then let me tell you, she is a wonderful inspiration on telling our stories and preserving our memories- guilt free.  Here's a beautiful tribute to her family.  She reminds all of us to let go of the guilt; it's unnecessary.

You better believe that I'll be looking up the lyrics to this song and getting downloaded to my iTunes account.


  1. I sure love that sweet Doodlebug. Nice song, too...

  2. Cute Green Bean video, so glad Doodlebug got his 3 seconds of fame! :-) But oh, that other song, I just got a chance to listen to it and it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it!


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