Friday, July 3, 2009

American Girl

...dolls, that is! A few Christmases ago, Grammie and Grumps surprised the girls with their very own American Girl Dolls (Felicity and Nellie). Talk about some happy girls!!! Since then, their other grandma has added to their collection with some eBay specials. Macey is now the proud owner of an "American Boy" doll too.

One Saturday before school got out, the girls decided to set up a photo shoot with their dolls. Their imaginations astound me! Check out the backdrops, poses, etc.

Notice William "surfing" on one of my Longaberger basket lids, then later "diving" into the "water."

He even found a lovely "mermaid" (aka Nellie in a Build-A-Bear costume).

Finally, here they all are, along with MY, um, antique Apricot Blossom (Strawberry Shortcake doll from my childhood), one of their Cabbage Patch kids, and a porcelain doll.

Their next set up was a trip to the farm.
The grand finale is from Sleeping Beauty (Ansley's favorite movie as a little girl!): Prince William waking Sleeping Nellie with a kiss, and the fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merriwether looking along with two "peasant" girls.
I love being the mom of two girls. Please let them stay little a little longer!!!


  1. Stay little just a bit longer? Doesn't happen! I loved seeing the girls' creativity. Good DNA for sure...xoxoxo

  2. What a fun time they must have had creating all these photos! But they do grow up so very fast.

  3. What a cute set up. Love the little boy doll diving. Don't you just love the imagination of children?

  4. This is just sooo wonderful Hayley! I love the surfing/ diving guy/dude.
    The backdrops are so fun!


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