Monday, July 20, 2009

Saving $$

My scrappin' friend and now CTMH downline shares great tips on how to save money over on her blog. I would strongly encourage you to go check out her site if you'd like to save some $$. She and my sister have inspired me to use coupons, and it is amazing what you can save!

Ingles is offering triple coupons this week (up to $0.50), and CVS has a great back-t0-school 3-day sale. Here's how I did today:
Ingles: saved $53.41 (and I'll be back before the week is out to save some more w/triple coupons!)
CVS: $17.54 (and earned $16.95 "Extra Care Bucks" or ECB to spend by 8/19)

At Ingles, I was excited to buy 5 Coffeemate creamers for Logan for $0.08 EACH (will order more of those coupons since they don't expire until 2011) and to save $3 on a $5 bag of Purina dog food. I got three blocks of Kraft cheddar for $0.50 (3/$5 and three $0.50 coupons that tripled to $1.50). Cha-ching! Yoplait yogurt was $0.30 a cup ($0.50 each on sale and then $1.20 off with a tripled $0.40 coupon). There were more deals obviously but those are the ones for which I remembered to do the math.

At CVS, I saved a bunch on school supplies: two packs of notebook paper, two packs of 24-count #2 pencils, and two 1" binders will be essentially FREE w/my ECBs. If the girls don't need the pencils, they'll go to my classroom, because my students NEVER all have the pencils they need. (I had to get a raincheck for the two memo pads that will also be free.) I bought 3 boxes of bandaids for $10.57, got $5 ECB and had $1.50 in coupons for a total of $4.07. Had I tripled the coupons @ Ingles, I wouldn't have done as well b/c bandaids aren't on sale this week. (Some of them will also go to my classroom.)

Some of you may have scored better deals, but I'm happy to be saving money, and it's all on stuff we need/use. Yes, I had to spend money to save money, but is that 8-cent Coffeemate or the inexpensive toilet paper going to go bad?

When I get my photos downloaded, I'll show you my coupon notebook, thanks to my WONDERFUL sister. It's a lifesaver for keeping organized to save $$.


  1. I forgot to mention that I order a lot of my coupons @ So, my Coffeemate actually cost me $0.18 because of the $0.10 handling fee. Still not a bad deal!

  2. Way to go haley! But now your website looks like my website! The free CVS deals for school have been great these past few weeks.

    bet i know how you spend all those savings!

  3. I have my coupons organized and will be shopping/saving today after two meetings at church!

  4. I went to CVS on Sunday for the "free" school supplies, too - my kids are all older now but we collect them at church for local children. And I was at BiLo again this morning before work - bought only "sale" items with coupons - spent $5.48 + tax for $22.04 worth of stuff! I'll be "triple couponing" at Ingles this afternoon.


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