Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Stuff

We've been enjoying a very nice weekend! Our garden is finally starting to produce. Here are my first grape tomatoes ripening and two baby cukes. The squash are not doing that well but we'll see. I'm also starting to wonder if any of our regular-sized tomatoes will ripen at all!

Yesterday after some house cleaning (YUCK!), we went to our friends' house for a little bit of playing on the lake and a delicious dinner. I have a new recipe to try out now, though I doubt I can make it as well as "Chef" Paul!

Today the house cleaning saga continues. We are really trying to reorganize, purge, etc. I always say that teachers don't do spring cleaning but rather summer cleaning.

On a much brighter note, here are some pictures from our anniversary on Wednesday: a gorgeous flowering pot from my MIL, beautiful flowers from my sweet hubby, and finally the four of us at the Resort before a scrumptious lunch.

How have you spent your weekend? It's always fun to catch up with friends, so leave me a comment!


  1. Aren't you the farmer girl!

    My weekend consisted of family here Saturday night, watching the Tour yesterday AND today, and enjoying an organ recital at YHC this afternoon. We missed y'all at dinner last night, but you had a prior commitment. That's life!

  2. i enjoyed talking to my scrappin friend while she organized, getting ready for my class and as always thinking I will get more done than I do.

  3. Scrappin FOOL is more like it! That entire table top is so clean you won't recognize it.

    I forgot to mention that the girls and I had a blast playing rummy. They are finally interested in it and are getting the hang of it.

  4. Love your pictures Hayley. We harvested out first Zucchini today. The beans have been producing like crazy but my tomatoes are still green!
    cleaning and organizing is yuck but BOY does it feel good when we are done.


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