Friday, July 24, 2009

Saving $$ Again

This one is pretty obvious to me, but just in case: visit your public library! While ours is not huge (an expansion is under way!), I have found many, many books to read. They have audio CDs and VHS tapes for check out too. Best of all, it's FREE!

We just had to re-check a few things so it reminded me to add this one to this week's topic.

Please share your free or inexpensive entertainment ideas here! Living on the lake means that we never run out of "free" fun when the weather's nice, but I'd love to know what else there is to do for less.


  1. Simply visiting with friends is a good, free way to find enjoyment in life.

  2. Haley,I have just discovered that i can scrap and listen to an audio book at the same time. I am not usually a fan of audio books. A friend loaned me a 6 or 7 CD set called the "#1 women's detecive agency in 'Africa'" - I think. Good clean listening. My sister wants me to check out Aunt Dimity's Death which I understand is another good clean book. Our library doesn't have it in yet.

  3. the best thing about the library is you can search online and hold a book. They notify you by email when they get it in. most of my stuff I want is stuff they don't have, but I get stuff from athens, cordele without postage or gas!


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