Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Logan!

Today is my hubby's birthday, and though he likes to lay low on his special day, we still think he deserves to be king (for the day at least!). Happy birthday, honey!!!

We're taking him to the Resort for lunch. They have an awesome soup, salad, and pasta lunch bar Mon.-Sat. This will be our last chance to indulge before school starts, so off we go. I'm not sure what else we'll do today; we'll just have to wait and see what the Birthday Boy wants. BTW, he is (at right) w/his older brother at the family reunion Saturday, and in the other photo he's being his goofy self, hamming for the camera.
I've already posted his birthday card (one of the August stamp of the month sneak peeks) so I won't post it again now.
Last night the girls and I enjoyed the dress rehearsal for Oklahoma! It was especially fun to have a few friends and Grammie go w/us. The volunteer cast did a great job. We didn't know that Ms. Shelley was going to be dancing (during the dream sequence), so that was a real treat.
It was a long show, and before intermission, Macey turned to me and said, "Could they just quit singing for twenty minutes?!?" Um, no dear, it's a musical. Later, when Judd sang his solo, his anger led Ansley to comment, "I think he's got issues." As we snickered, the ladies in front of us cracked up! We all lost it though, when Aunt Joy said that he did indeed have ugly shoes, thinking that was what Ansley had said!
Hope you make time to laugh a little today. It's good for the soul. We'll enjoy some fun family time together as we celebrate Logan's birthday.


  1. Both girlz get a genetic double dose of being funny!
    Happy birthday, Logan!!!

  2. It sounded like "ugly shoes" to me - and both observations were right!

    Happy Birthday, Logan! And many more...

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Logan!!! Hope it is wonderful!!


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