Friday, February 7, 2014

Side Stair Step Card Tutorial

This style of card is called both a side step card and a side stair step card, but the instructions seem to be basically the same no matter what you call it.  You will begin with an 8.5"x4.25" card stock card base.  Using your paper trimmer with the short side flush to the top (perpendicular to the cutting edge) make a cut at 2-1/4" wide and from 2-1/8" at the top down to 7-1/2" at the bottom.
Next, turn your card 90 degrees so that the long edge is flush to the top and you're cutting down perpendicular to the short edge.  Use your scoring blade to score the card base as follows:
From the cut to the edge, score at 1", at 2", at 3-1/8", then all the away cross at 4-1/4" (half of the card).  Make one last score from the cut edge to the outside edge at 6-3/8".
You may be able to see the scoring better in the following picutre.
You can find basic instructions at Splitcoast Stampers or here's a PDF by Julie Davidson.

Before you head off, I wanted to show how I used the Quick Coloring technique.  I began by stamping the balloon with Saddle pigment ink and then let it dry completely.  I created two different masks: first of the outline of the balloon so that I could sponge then blue background.  Then I stamped the image again on copy paper.  I cut out the hot air balloon portion, and then sponged Creme Brulee in those two openings.  Finally,I stamped the balloon onto some of the Sorbet and Crystal Blue B&T, cut them out, and paper pieced them onto the balloon.  (It sounds a lot harder than it actually was!)

Give this card a try!  I think you'll love the results.

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