Sunday, March 13, 2011

Diamond Fold Card & Pleated Scallop Flower Tutorials

Here's a new-to-me card fold: the diamond fold card! I have to thank fellow CTMH consultant Brenda F. for a great tutorial (on her blog HERE). I made mine with the Sweetheart papers and taught my card class participants today how to make their own. It really is easier than it looks, so I encourage you to go check out Brenda's great tutorial!

Angela Tutton also has a great tutorial on her blog that shows how to created a pleated flower using the 2" scallop punch! Click HERE to learn how. I made mine slightly differently than hers by using one whole scallop- minus one segment (like she did)- plus a slightly larger second scallop (one half plus a segment, all one piece) for the other so that I could overlap the pieces. This is much easier to show than to explain! LOL Hopefully that's enough info to jog my students' (and my) memories.
Finally, here's an example of a "carnation" style flower that I also showed how to make. This particular one uses five scalloped circles held together with a brad. Let me know if you need instructions!


  1. I love the shape of this card- it is a amazing!

  2. The pictures don't do this card justice, it is SO pretty! And not nearly as hard as it looks. Thank you for posting the link to the instructions, Haley, in case we need a reminder!


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