Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Nativity (Layout Share)

Since spring has gone back into hiding (but please don't tell my daffodils) and it's feeling more like Christmas than spring, I thought I would share yet another Studio J layout I recently created. I used some photos of the girls setting up our Fontanini nativity set. It has become quite a collection and quite a tradition! They love setting it up each year, adding new pieces, telling Bible stories with the figurines, and in general playing with the set.

One way that I will customize this layout when it arrives is to handwrite on the "To/From" tag, because the set has been an ongoing gift from my Mother-in-Law. You can add your own handwritten journaling to Studio J layouts once you print them if you'd like. That makes a nice blend of online and classic scrapbooking.

What traditions have you (or should you) scrapbook? Do you have a collection and have you recorded it in your albums?
{Layout 2011 #16}


  1. Aww, that is beautiful. Love that round background. We got two Carnival photo albums as gifts on the cruise. Those can easily be FILLED up...if we would stay home awhile:)

  2. Beautiful was the word I was planning to use, too! (no surprise there)


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