Friday, March 11, 2011

Studio J Tips (and Another Layout Share)

No, you're not seeing double (or even triple)! If you've followed my blog for a while, you may remember that I made this layout of my sister's family for my Mom and Dad for Christmas. I meant to order a copy for my sister but inadvertently left it out of my cart! (She got an IOU as part of her present.)

Before I reordered it for her, I decided to personalize it for my family album, because that's what the album is all about. I just changed the original text to read "Aunt Amy, Uncle Jason, Alex, & Will."

Then, I decided to customize the layout for my sister. They didn't need all their names on it, so I used the My Stickease and the Quick Title Tool to create "We are" and place it where my original text had been. I also decided that since the entire text now read as a sentence, I needed an exclamation point. Unfortunately, these My Stickease don't have punctuation. :( (Some kits do but other kits don't.) Fortunately, these letter are a very straight, block font, and the lowercase "i" turned upside down makes a great exclamation point!

If my sister decides that she wants to journal about these photos, or even just date them, she can write directly on the layout, just like you would with a classic paper-scissors-glue layout.


  1. Another example of ways to easily use Studio J. You are sooo clever, but I already knew that:)

  2. How neat! Love the customization.
    See you Sunday.


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