Friday, May 14, 2010

Congrats Are in Order!

Today was my little one's end-of-the-year party and award ceremony (held at our local park), and the Divine Miss M is quite pleased with herself for winning eight awards! She was nominated "Most Athletic Girl" by her class (my kid, really?!?), plus received an award for 100% conduct average all year (Logan's kid?!?). She also received a few math and reading awards to boot. Way to go, Monkey Girl! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her teacher has been the best! We love you too, Mrs. Wesche! (And we're also proud of her BFF Leilani, who took home a ton of awards too.)


  1. G&G send congrats to our Monkey Girl! We are sooo proud of you:)...xoxoxo


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