Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Herb & Onion Bread Recipe

Herb and Onion Bread
from the River’s End Restaurant, Nantahala, NC
x 4 loaves (or x 1 loaf)

2 c. milk (½)
6 T sugar (1 ½)
4 t salt (1)4 T butter (1)
4 pkgs. yeast (1)
2 c. warm water (½)
9 c. white or whole wheat flour (2 1/4)
2 onions, minced (½ small)
2 t dried dill weed (½)
4 t crushed dried rosemary (1)

Scald milk and dissolve in it the sugar, salt, butter; cool to lukewarm. In large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add cooled milk, flour, onion, herbs. Stir well w large wooden spoon. When batter is smooth, cover bowl w/towel and let rise in warm place til triple in bulk (45 min.) Stir down and beat vigorously for few minutes. Put in well greased bread pans. Let stand in warm place 10 minutes before putting preheated 350 oven. Bake one hour (½ hr. for single loaf).


  1. Thank you! I have just copied it to send home for my computer recipe file, and printed it to try very soon. Hugs!

  2. So when are you gonna bake me a loaf???


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