Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our New Furbaby

The girls, especially Macey, have been wanting to add another pet to our family. No, make that begging. We can't have a bird because Franklin, our cat, is quite the hunter. We can't have a rabbit because our beagle Shadow LOVES rabbits and squirrels. We will not have any type of nocturnal rat, because I said so!

They wore us down until we finally went looking for a kitten to adopt. They promise me that they'll take care of him, change his litter box and everything. (Do you think that I really bought that one? So far so good!) Isn't he handsome?!? He is so sweet too. You should hear his "motor!" This baby purrs like you wouldn't believe.

The problems? One, our older cat HATES the baby. Growling, hissing, spitting, you name it. Yesterday was much quieter so hopefully they can learn to live together. (The dog is excited to have a new plaything, and they do play, not hunt.)

The second problem is that we
cannot decide on a name! I like Remington Steele (Remember Pierce Brosnan in the 80's? Heck, remember Pierce Brosnan anytime? Hubba hubba!), and we could call him Remy, but that sends my husband on a "Winchester, etc." tangent. We're also tossing around Earl Grey (call him Grey), and the girls kind of want to name him Storm. With all his stripes, Tiger would certainly be fitting.
Feel free to throw your two cents into the comments section, even if you just want to send this gorgeous guy (the kitten, I mean!) a little love. Enjoy your Sunday! I've got to fix blueberry pancakes by special request (Macey has a friend spending the night), though that probably means that we won't want to eat at the church potluck later.


  1. I love your new kitty! We are big cat fans at my house. I know what you mean about the kids doing there chores/responsabilities. How about combining the names. "Sir Steele Grey" or "Sir Steele Grey Storm" We had a Stormy. Now we have Princess Pumpkin Kitty and Princess Fluffy. Enjoy your new family member.

  2. What a cwutee patootey kitty meow....ahem, back to my adult voice....I think "Storm" is a very sweet name.

    My daughters and I were just volunteering our time playing with 13 kittens the other day......we named every one of was tough. Sometimes you name them and then they have a personality shift...if you know what I mean! Our three cats did that and each have at least two nicknames!

  3. My friend Barb has a Grayson. Tough deciding, right? He is adorable. Can't wait to see my new grandkitty, no matter what his name is!


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