Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday Present

You may recall my dear nephew's birthday party last weekend. Here's the little ham mugging for the camera! We had a great time at his party. He did NOT like his cake, and once he quit shivering over the ice cream, he enjoyed it.

Here is the wall hanging I made for his "big boy" room in his new house. (A & J have bought and remodeled my parents' house. Grammie & Grumps built a new house next door.) His big brother says that Scooter is a baby and won't be a big boy until he learns to walk.

Anyway, I used the adorable Animal Cookies paper pack, which coordinates so nicely with his Babar-themed room! The die-cuts are from last fall's special. I used some Liquid Glass to give the letters to give them the cool shine. The ribbon is retired stuff from my stash.

Let me know if you have any questions about this project. Big brother already has one for his room.


  1. that's wicked cute. My youngest is 18 months and she just now has her own room, but nothing for the walls :( Now she might! Did you use coasters for this???

  2. Yes, I did use coasters as the base for each panel. Forgot to mention that!

  3. Scooter is going to be walking pretty soon, he was practicing yesterday just holding onto one finger of the adults who were helping him! Then he'll REALLY be a big boy!

  4. I finally got to see da boyz last night...and Scooter's new wall hanging--'adowable'--and I get to have him all morning today! Lucky me.


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