Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girl Scout Trip

Yesterday was Ansley's big Girl Scout trip to Gatlinburg. We decided to make a family trip of the event and went up Friday to enjoy a little R&R (not having to meet at 6:30 Sat. AM to go was a plus too). We toured the Aquarium, the Ripley's Museum, and the Haunted Adventure. Lunch was fun at the Hard Rock Cafe. Do you like Ansley's photos of the sea turtle and the shark? You should have heard us "singing" the Jaws theme throughout the shark tube.

Today we'll celebrate Scooter's first birthday and then get Ansley ready for 4-H camp. She'll be gone Mon.-Fri. She is so excited she's about to burst!!! I imagine we'll spend a little time on the lake too in between loads of laundry. ;)

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  1. Trips and camp = 15 billion tons of laundry...the same stuff you just washed usually LOL. I feel your pain.
    loved the pics.


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