Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy birthday, Scooter and Isa!

It is sooo hard to believe that my darling nephew is turning ONE today!!! He is just the sweetest thing. He scoots around almost like Ansley did (only with the opposite foot tucked under) but is also standing/cruising very well. His smile could light up an entire room, and he knows how to use it! You can't help but be enchanted. He is such an easy-going fellow, although he does show hints of Dada and Momma's tempers.

We are so blessed to have this little fellow in our lives! (We got to keep him and his big brother Saturday, and it was so much fun to just play the day away.) The photo at left was taken about 3 months ago, so he has grown even more and sprouted a few SHARP teeth. We are looking forward to this weekend's party.
Ansley's BFF's birthday is today too. Unfortunately we won't get to see her today (and no I won't give her a hint about her gift). She and her family continually bless our lives, so happy birthday today to one very special young lady.


  1. How neat that they share the same birthday! Happy birthday to Scooter and Isa!

  2. Happy birthday to my sweetie pie...and Isa!


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