Friday, June 12, 2009

Color Me Monday Challenge

Every Monday for the past several weeks, CTMH founder & CEO Jeanette Lynton posts a "Color Me Monday" color combo on her blog. This Monday's combo is shown at left. Her combos are scrumptious! She really has an eye for color.

I can't believe that I am actually going to tell you this, but (as if you didn't already know) I am such a nerd. Not only have I started a Color Combo database on my computer, but I've created a notebook also to record the color combos I find. As a student teacher long, long ago, a wise mentor told me not to reinvent the wheel. I could and should improve it, but I didn't need to reinvent it. I've certainly taken that philosphy to heart. (I think sometimes it's called "work smarter not harder" too.) I can't really claim that I've had too many original thoughts or ideas, but I am definitely inspired by what I see and find in the world around me.
Case in point: here's my take on Jeanette's color combo, using the "Name Plate" sketch from Wishes. See, I told you I didn't have an original idea of my own! I used my new Buttoned Together stamp set for all of the stamped images. The scrap of Tulip B&T Duos is from the Perfect Day paper pack. I am totally loving making small cards. This one measures 3"x6". Some of you will be seeing this card in person soon... Even if you don't, you're still my friend! :) Can you tell how many real buttons I used on this card?


  1. 18 buttons? or are you counting only real buttons? Cute card.

  2. 2 real buttons!
    I really think this is an awesome card! I have this set and absolutely love it.
    Great idea about the color combo thing...I never would have thought of that.

  3. Only one REAL button! The white "button" beside Friendship is actually a Bigger Brad. I made "button holes" with a Sharpie.

  4. I love this set! hey that's a good idea witht he brad


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