Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good news is that my Dad's knee surgery to repair a torn miniscus (sp?) went well today. Turns out he had not one torn cartilage, but two, plus some arthritis that the dr. worked on. He's doing just fine and already bored w/keeping it elevated and on ice.

The bad news is that the mole removed last week, like the one from my ankle a few months ago, is pre-cancerous. This bad news really isn't too bad, though, because my dr. thinks he got it all, so like my ankle, no further treatment is required. He/I will just have to watch them very carefully, because he really didn't think either of these were suspicious. Truly, I am blessed that these problem spots were found early and shouldn't give me any trouble at all. (And I'm glad to have all but one of the stitches out- feels better already!)

The ugly I'm sure you've already unfortunately pictured due to the nature of this post. :)

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  1. Mommy says that she is glad that your Dad's surgery went well & to tell him hello from her! My Daddy's knees bother him too. Mommy says that he has none of that cartilage stuff in his knees from being in the Army for so long. She says that his back is not good, either, but Mommy is the one wearing the back brace & taking the drugs for HER back today! See my blog if you want to hear all about her Muscle. And if you know what a Muscle is & can explain it to me, that would be great. Because I didn't see her pulling on anything when she hurt herself.

    Are you ready for Santa Paws? I am trying to be good. I didn't wake Daddy up to let me out until 6:30 today! Mommy has our house all pretty and is working on putting the pretty paper on the presents. I didn't see one for me or Molly (or the stupid cat Ink), but Mommy says that our presents come from Santa Paws, not Mommy.


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