Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Stamp of the Month Blog Hop: Something Splendid

This month's stamp of the month is truly Something Splendid! This set of 13 stamps makes it so easy to create something, well, splendid! Join me on this month's blog hop to see tons of great ideas with this gorgeous stamp set. (Have you arrived from Barbra O.'s blog? Great! Head on over to Cindy L.s's next!)

This stamp set is so pretty with the Splendor paper pack. (Hmm, Something Splendid, Splendor... I think there's a theme here!). The colors of this pack (Moonstruck, Heavenly Blue, Goldrush, and Topiary) seemed really bright to me, so I added touches of Chocolate. I love this addition! I also "toned down" the Moonstruck cardstock base by sanding it then ink distressing the edges. The card pattern is the "Bullseye" from the Wishes how-to guide that I modified from 5"x7" to a standard-size card.

Thanks for stopping in! Now head on over to Cindy L.'s Papers, Pads, and Pictures.

All supplies from Close To My Heart: Something Splendid stamp set; Splendor paper pack; Goldrush, Topiary, Moonstruck, and Chocolate inks; Basic craft buttons; Colonial White hemp; distressing kit

**BLOG CANDY!!!!** WaShEr PeNdAnT NeCkLaCe GiVeAwAy!!!

How would you like your very own washer pendant necklace? You can win one for yourself (or I can mail it to a friend for you if you prefer)! {This post will remain at the top until midnight 7/31. Scroll down for other posts please.}

Please tell me what kind of pendant you'd like for me to make- either a color you love or, if you're a Close To My Heart junkie like me, your favorite pattern of your favorite paper pack. I will be using the comments to guide what I create for the giveaway necklace!

You must follow my blog (click "follow" at right if you're not already a follower) and leave a comment no later than 11:59 PM (EDT) on Saturday, July 31, 2010. You can get a second entry by posting about my candy on your blog, site, etc., and then come back here with a comment letting me know you did so. The random winner will be announced sometime on 8/1. Good luck!

$2, $4, $6, for 8... It's YOU We Appreciate!

Close to my Heart wants to show how much they appreciate YOU! To do so, we're bringing SUPER deals to you for 8 days only. From August 4 through August 11, while supplies last, you can purchase selected My Stickease® assortments for only $2, My Reflections® Level 1 kits for only $4, and My Reflections® Level 2 paper packets for only $6 on my website. The deals are amazing!! With a sale like this you will want to be sure to get online on time in order to get all the great product at such a great price!! What a steal! I've already started my wish list.

The sale will begin at 11:00 am EDT on my CTMH website: and all sale items are available while supplies last for up to 8 days. With our large variety of Level 1, Level 2, and My Stickease® products to choose from, everyone can get something they love! I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Christmas gifts for my crafty friends! You will also be able to combine sale items with regularly-priced items.

If you'll be at work or out of town when the sale starts, I would be happy to be your personal shopper and order for you. I can combine orders and have them shipped to me, or I can ship them directly to you. (I will need your credit card info, which I will keep absolutely safe and confidential.)

To help you get a jump start, Level 1 kits features four preprinted 12"x12" scrapbook pages, two 12"x12" sheets of B&T Duos (two-sided designer paper), and two 12"x6" My Stickease adhesive artwork (a sheet of letters and a sheet of artwork). Level 2 paper packs contain twelve 12"x12" B&T Duos (two each of six patterns) and 10 sheets of coordinating card stock. The My Stickease assortment that you can purchase separately is different from the My Stickease in the Level 1 kit, but they coordinate beautifully. This package includes two 12"x6" sheets of gorgeous adhesive artwork that you can use on just about any project.

Happy shopping! Remember, these deals are while supplies last, so get started at 11:00 AM EDT on Wed., Aug. 4 at

See below for the complete list- print, highlight and shop early.
X7045A My Reflections Vintage Travel Level 1 $4.00
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Diary of a Scrapbook Layout

This post may ramble way too much for some of you, but I thought you might like to see inside my creative, um, genius and thought processes. Good luck with this one! LOL

Saturday 7/24 (evening): Found two photos (probably the only ones I have) of my graduation from my Master's degree program while trying to reorganize the slew of photos we've taken over the years. Set them aside because they really need to be scrapbooked. (I am trying to do more scrapbooking of me, because who better to tell my story? I don't want the girls wondering who's in the pictures, what's going on, etc.)

Sunday 7/25 (early morning): Work on organizing my supplies to prepare for moving my craft room. Found my Notebook paper pack, which would be a perfect match for my graduation pictures! Pull this pack out- including the My Stickease artwork- and take it to the craft table.

Sunday 7/25 (lunchtime): I've been thinking about my graduation off and on all morning. It just keeps coming back to me. The girls have gone off with Aunt Amy, so I sat down at the computer and began typing my journaling. The memories just pour out! Normally I don't type my journaling, but I have a lot to say. In fact, it's ended up being about half a page (typed). I've already edited it a bit, but I think I've written the important stuff. Time to leave it alone and have some lunch.

(After lunch) Tweaked journaling a bit because I remembered something important. While I rotate laundry, I'm going to see if I have any other pictures in my box of college stuff. I think it's just undergrad, but it's worth a quick check. (Multitasking, right?)

OK, hit the jackpot and found an entire package of developed pictures from my graduation! (Also found our Alaska trip pix but will have to save those for now.) After sifting through them, I have 10, count 'em, 10 possibles I could use. I doubt that I will use all of them, but those are my choices. Now I need to flip through my how-to guides to see if I find a layout using lots of pictures that I like.

Decided on the Sideline Surprise sketch from my Close To My Heart Imagine how-to guide. I'm excited to try this one since I haven't before. After playing with my papers a bit, it was time to cut. I got the pieces cut and then placed them out on my table. Still lookin' good!

Cutting the pictures at the angles is not nearly as tricky as it looks. The guide is fabulous!!! It's time to go to the dock so I'll work on it later- or tomorrow.

(4:30) It is HOT out there! While cooling off, I decided to start messing with my layout again. My journaling is too long according to my test print on scrap paper, so I cut it a bit short. Works well now. My layout is finished by about 5:15, just in time to show it off to my hubby (who is inside cooling off from working on the pontoon boat engine that is RUNNING! WOOHOO!!!). He loves it and says it's about time I do something for me. Do you see why I keep him? LOL Time to go walk the dog. After our walk while the sunlight is still good, I'll take pictures to post here. Hope you've enjoyed the journey!

I really have no idea how long it took me to make this layout. I just worked on it in bits and pieces until it was done. Sometimes taking a break and coming back is the best thing you can do for your creativity, anyway.

(How about that baby bump?)

If you've made it this far, have a fabulous weekend!!! We're just getting home from a camping trip, so that will mean a bit of cleaning for us. It's worth it!

{Layout 2010 #34}

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frozen Fun, Christmas, Whee! Layouts

Maybe you're not into winter right now, but in my "use it or lose it" mode, I found these preprinted layouts, grabbed some pictures, and went to work. Maybe these layouts will help cool you off!

The Christmas pages were partially completed from one of my classes. I have NO idea why I didn't finish them, but I'm happy that they're done now.

{Layout 2010 #31-33}

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4-H DPA '09 Layout

Following my "old is new" and "use it up" mojo right now, I found photos to go with this layout we made at Scrap Class long ago.

All supplies from Close To My Heart: Paper Garden paper pack (retired); Blush ribbon (retired); Cottage edge anchors; Friendship and Chocolate Small alphabet stamp sets; Sweet Leaf ink; Sweet Leaf and Petal markers; Just Blooms Big Pinks paper flowers; Antique Copper brads

{Layout 2010 #30}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Flowers Layout

This layout is from the Veranda Workshop on the Go, which was only available this spring. I actually put most of it together in my class, but I've finally gotten around to adding my photos and a bit of journaling. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about the flowers in our yard in the spring!

Since I had so many photos and the original layout only called for four (one 7"x5" and three 3.5"x3"), I had to get creative. First, I cropped the two photos on the left page to take up the 5"x7" space. Then, I figured out the size of the photo area on the right page: 3.5"x9". I made a flap by doubling the height and then folding in half. When I add this layout to my page protector, I will carefully (with the use of a craft mat) cut a slit in the protector so that the flap will stick out. Yes, those pictures may get a few fingerprints on them, but that's okay by me. Adding a flap (made like you would make a card) can really add so much to your layout.

If you like interactive features to your scrapbook pages (or just want to add more photos), you are going to love something magical in the works from Close To My Heart (available 9/1/10)! Hint, hint! Tee hee!

All supplies from Close To My Heart: Veranda Workshop on the Go kit (no longer available); Cocoa, Creme Brulee, Blush, and Garden Green ink; Cocoa marker; Just Blooms paper flowers; pewter Filigree Charms brads dyed antique copper with Brown StazOn ink; Antique Copper Mini-Medley charms

{Layout 2010 #29}

Monday, July 26, 2010

2008 Layout

In trying to move my craft room, I have realized that I MUST pare down and purge a bit. (Ack!!! Gasp!) In the last year or so, I have definitely moved from being a craft collector to using what I've got, so with that in mind when I'm tired of cleaning, etc., I've been crafting a bit. My card class last Sunday focused on making the old new again, so this layout is in that spirit.

It features one of my favorite pictures of all time of our girls, taken the first Sunday of 2008. (I remember that because we went out to lunch after church.) I used some old & retired CTMH products: black base pages (preprinted, color-blocked layouts), Amethyst B&T (designer paper), Key To My Heart stamp set, and Heavenly Blue organdy ribbon. The current products I used are Heavenly Blue cardstock, Friendship Alphabet, Grey Wool ink, Amethyst ink, a variety of Just Blooms paper flowers, silver and Heavenly Blue brads and other metallic accents, and 3-D foam squares. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. As always, thanks for looking and leaving me a comment or two. Would you like to see more of my "old is new" projects? I have several finished and since I've been working on photo organization this weekend, I have tons of "new" material and ideas!

{Layout 2010 #28}

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Woohoo and Welcome!

Today I hit 100 followers! (Well, actually 101, like the dalmatians!) Thank you so much! I am grateful that you find something here worth coming back for, whether it's my artwork, my zany humor (LOL), or something else. Obviously you have good taste.

Real life is calling. It's time to clean the kitchen, so I'll have to drop my diva status- for now. Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate it!

"Old Is New" Card Class (Results)

The card class I taught last Sunday focused on using "old" things in new ways. Though attendance was low, interest was high in this class. (It's hard to work around everyone's summer schedules and vacations.)

The first card used the Silhouette papers and the same card pattern, Upper Level Focus, from Originals. We each accented our neutral palette with a different color (clockwise from top left): New England Ivy, Tulip, Twilight, and Hollyhock. (I won't tell you whose card is whose!)

Our second card (not pictured) showed ways to use up scraps of paper: cut them into squares (in our case 1" squares) to make a mosaic of tiles.

The third card was inspired by a swap card I received at Convention and used up circles cut from the centers of the necklaces I made. What a great way to repurpose what was otherwise trash! (Glad I saved those circles too!) We also used circles punched with our new 1-1/4" circle punch. All papers came from the Cherry-O paper pack.

Masking techniques were the focus of our fourth card, based on the Heriloom Oval sketch, also from Originals. We used the Splendor papers and colors, but I actually like it better without the B&T on the card base. Thanks, Peg, for that twist! Joy suggested the addition of a Sparkle, and Vickie and I agreed it was the perfect touch.

Our final card was a fun challenge. All the ladies were up to the task. I had found precut pieces in some of my stash, so we all had to use those pieces. We could cut them, add to them from the stash, and use all or only part of them. I threw out several stamp sets to use, and here are our creative results:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Blog Candy!

Go check out Melissa's amazingly sweet blog candy!!!

Happy Forever (July CTMH Stamp of the Month) Swap

Aren't these cards adorable? These little hedgehogs are so stinkin' cute! These top two photos are all from my unit's monthly stamp of the month swap. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of them.

We all used the Zippidee paper pack. It amazes me each month that no card is even remotely alike!

This last card is one that I got while swapping at Convention. Tina Horton, who is also in my unit, made it. Don't you love the envelope flap and velcro closure? She even colored the velcro to blend in.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Land Sakes Alive!

Look who's forty-five! Happy birthday today to my dear sweet hubby!!! Wasn't he a cute one-year-old? (I think he's still pretty darn cute at 45!) We're planning to spoil him today because he deserves it. He's been working really hard and we can't wait to play today. Happy birthday, Logan! The girls and I love you so much!
Here's his birthday card. There was no way I could fit 45 candles on the cake (either on the card or the real one!) so these will have to do. This card is based on the Wishes sketch, "Just Right," which I thought would be just right for my guy. You may remember this stamp set, It's Your Day, as the August stamp of the month last year, but it will also be available again in the upcoming Autumn/Winter Idea Book! :) I used Sunny Yellow, Citrus Leaf, Clover Meadow, and Star Spangled Blue as my palette. Those last three colors will be retiring, so get 'em before they're gone. (Sorry for the line on the left- that is from the scanner.)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Washer Pendant Tutorial

At last, as promised, the washer pendant tutorial is here!

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything. Hopefully the photos and text will make sense, but if not I will be glad to clarify.

1. Begin with a washer from your hardware store. (Choose the size that you like best; there are lots of choices. When I asked a random lady in Home Depot her opinion, her husband thought I was a bit crazy!)

2. Cut paper to fit the washer. (I used scrap paper to get my first one just right. It took a few tries, but once you have a template you're good to go. Since that first one, however, I created a template on my Pazzles which cuts it automatically for me.)

3. Spread mod podge (I used matte) all over the front of the washer. Be sure to cover all the way to the edges. It's even okay to get some on the edges, because you will be able to get rid of the excess later. You MUST have really good coverage at this point, but it doesn't need to be too thick.

4. Use an old credit card (or similar tool) to smooth the paper to the washer. Let dry. (This part will take a while so be patient. I left mine on the table overnight, but I'm sure it doesn't take that long. I do have another life to attend to at times.)

5. Use a finishing file to smooth and even up the edges. Be sure to file from the front of the pendant to the back so you won't pull up the edges of the paper. (Notice that it's a pendant now and no longer a washer!) This filing should remove any excess mod podge also. I found this step was very helpful to do over a trash can to catch the "dust." Of course brush off any "dust" when finished.

6. Decorate the pendant with Glitz glitter glue gel, sparkles, rub-ons, etc.

7. Apply a layer of Liquid Glass* to the entire front of the pendant, making sure that you're covering the edges of the paper. Work slowly and carefully so that you don't get lots of air bubbles. (Sorry, there's no photo of this exciting- but integral- step.) You need the Liquid Glass to seal the paper so that your pendant is waterproof. You don't have to cover the face of the Sparkles (gemstones) but you can.

*Liquid Glass is a Close To My Heart product that you can order HERE (U.S. customers).  If you're in Canada or Australia, you can find a consultant by visiting the CTMH home page.  Liquid Glass is a clear, thick adhesive that dries bright and shiny.

OPTIONAL 7b. IF you're adding paper flowers, stick them into the wet Liquid Glass where you want them to go. Don't worry that they're not covered with Liquid Glass yet. Add sparkles to the center if you'd like. Let everything dry overnight. If you're NOT adding paper flowers, go on to step 8.

OPTIONAL 7c. Apply a second coat of Liquid Glass to completely cover and preserve the paper flower(s). You must cover the entire pendant with Liquid Glass- don't just try to cover parts of it or it won't look good when it's dry.

8. Let everything dry overnight. (Go have a life; let your family and friends know that you still love them!)

8b. Definitely cover the back of your pendant also.

9. Cut 2.5' to 3' of hemp. (Any shorter and the necklace will probably not go over most people's heads. If you're really good at jewelry making and want to attach some sort of clasp, then you could cut your hemp shorter. The button is optional but I think it's cute.

10a. NO BUTTON: Find the center of your hemp. Push the center of the hemp through the center of the pendant. Push the ends through the loop that the center now makes and pull. (I'm sure there's a name for this but it eludes me.) Your pendant should now be on the hemp. Knot the ends of the hemp tightly, put on your necklace, and enjoy!
10b: WITH A BUTTON: String one end of the hemp through the center of the pendant. Tie a very tight knot to attach the pendant to the hemp. You need a tight knot if you want the pendant pattern to hang in a particular direction.

10c. A TWO-HOLE BUTTON: Once your necklace is tied to the hemp, you will now have two "pieces" of hemp. Thread ONE of the two "pieces" through the button. Tie a very tight knot with BOTH "pieces" of hemp just above the
button. Then tie the ends of the hemp, put on your necklace, and enjoy!

10d. A FOUR-HOLE BUTTON: If you have a four-hole button (which I prefer), then you thread one of your hemp "strings" through opposite holes and the other of your hemp strings through the other pair of holes to make an "x" on the front. Pull tightly as you work. This crossing of the strings should keep the button in place without any knots. Tie the ends of your hemp, put on your necklace, and enjoy!

Whew! Okay, I think that covers everything, but if not be sure to let me know. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the tutorial. Also, if you make any of these, I would love to see what yours! (After all I did show you mine so it's only fair if you show me yours. LOL) Leave a link below in the comments section.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stardust Necklace

Are you sick of these necklaces yet? I surely hope not, because I have a few more to share (and maybe one to give away soon). How about a little blog candy? Yum yum!

This particular pendant didn't turn out as planned, but I love the results. I wore it 4th of July (and will definitely wear it more often!). It was supposed to be red, white, and blue, but alas, that was not to be. I began by cutting a piece of Cranberry B&T for the base of the necklace. Then I had fun with my Pazzles making the circles a bit smaller with a zigzag cut. When I layered the blue onto the Cranberry, I just didn't like how it looked. Instead, I kept the blue stars and let the washer show through. The three tiny white stars are rub-ons, and the three gems completed the necklace.

So am I the only one whose projects don't turn out like you planned? I'd love to hear your stories (successes and failures)!
Today, the girls and I are headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to meet our cousin Megan, who is in town for a day or two. (Go, Braves!) We can't wait to see her and the gardens too! Yesterday we collectively picked two gallons of blueberries. Too bad we don't have time this morning for blueberry pancakes! We'll definitely have some soon though. We also had a blast hanging out with my sister and her boys at Vogel State Park! Gotta love the summertime!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boom-Di-Ada Necklaces

Our older daughter couldn't be outdone when she saw that Sister was getting a necklace! She chose her favorite Boom-Di-Ada paper pack so that we could make her necklace (at far right) and two others for her best friends. We tricked these babies out with some Glitz Gel glitter glue and Sparkles, plus finished them off with Buttercup buttons.

I really love how they turned out! Each necklace is unique yet they look great together too. Ansley wears hers all the time, and I hope her girlfriends like theirs too.

I am going to have to start tackling matching bracelets now! I haven't forgotten about the tutorial either. Now that we've gotten a new router for our WiFi, it will be much easier to post. Also, I've been busy with church and blueberry picking, plus trying to rearrange our basement. A woman's work is never done, is it?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stamp Camp 2010

You're invited to STAMP CAMP 2010, hosted by your camp counselor Haley! We're going to create lots of arts and crafts, play a few games, and even have some snacks at this year's fun afternoon of camp. Don't worry, you won't get homesick because Stamp Camp will last for a few hours on Saturday, August 7, from 1:00-5:30. Your preregistration and payment are due no later than 7/25/10.

At this summer’s Stamp Camp, we will create:

  • Daisy Wall Hanging (peek at right)
  • Mini Album for your favorite summer photos
  • four 12"x12" layouts (2 two-page layouts)
  • six cards
You’ll receive:

  • Splendor or Zippidee Workshop on the Go kit (exclusive stamp set, 22-sheet paper pack, chipboard embellishments, and instruction guide)
  • package of "flip flaps" (and instructions)
  • a bottle of Glitz Gel sparkly glitter glue
  • materials and instructions for mini album
  • materials and instructions for wall hanging
  • product and tool knowledge for new techniques
  • snacks and drinks
(The Splendor kit is at left and the Zippidee kit contents are at right.)

Your materials kit for everything you see here- and much more- is only $45, payable by 7/25/10. That's a dozen projects in one afternoon!

Can't attend but want to play? You can order a kit with complete instructions. Add on an extra $5 if you need the kit mailed to you rather than picking it up. Thanks!

Please bring your basic tool kit and coordinating inks and My Acrylix blocks for stamping. (Don’t have these items? Let me know and we’ll get them in time for camp.)

Veranda Necklaces

As soon as our younger daughter saw the first washer pendant necklace I made, she started asking if we could make one for her. Of course! After completing the swap necklaces, we got right to work. She chose the Veranda paper pack and wanted the design with the birds. (Hers is the one on the right.) I'm not sure how well the birds show up, but she loves her necklace! In fact, we had to make another one (middle) for her BFF Leilani.

The necklace on the left is mine. I used the gorgeous Veranda Creative Basics paper pack and covered it with Glitz Gel, then embellished it with a pewter Filigree Charm (minus the brad). I added a small Sparkle to the center.

If you look at it at an angle, can you see the sparkle and glitter of the Glitz Gel?

Want one for yourself? Ask me how!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CTMH Swap Necklaces

If you read my blog often or saw me at Convention then you may have seen these necklaces I made. (I made one with the Silhouette papers for the Operation Smile silent auction. You can see it HERE.) They use washers (from the hardware store) as their base, and I found the idea with instructions on Splitcoast Stampers. (Try doing a search if you're interested in learning more, or keep coming back here because I plan to post a tutorial later this week.)

I made 45 (yes, that's right, forty-five) necklaces to swap at Convention. Needless to say, they are all gone.

Sorry the photo at right didn't turn out better. I have several more necklaces to post this week, plus instructions, so please come back. I am really pleased with my addition of a button to the original idea. I'd love to know what you think. (I'm also considering selling some so let me know if you're interested!)

Also, all of my hostesses for the rest of the year will receive their very own necklace as part of their thanks for having a gathering, class, or workshop with me (in addition to the fabulous hostess rewards that Close To My Heart already offers).

This project qualifies me for the Heart 2 Heart ABC (Anything But a Card) challenge this week. If you're not familiar with this awesome blog, please go check it out. It is always inspiring!

CTMH supplies used: X7132B Cherry-O paper pack; Z1097 Nature’s Ambience rub-ons; Z1104 Sparkles and/or Z1313 Glitz Stardust glitter glue; Z679 Liquid Glass; Z1206 Basic or Z1284 Winter craft buttons

Other: 5/8" washers from the hardware store; Mod Podge; braiding cord (could use CTMH hemp)

Friday, July 16, 2010

If the Tiara Fits...

Ever since I got the Adorning Corners stamp set, this particular corner stamp has always looked like a tiara to me. What do you think?

These Daydream papers were actually pre-cut in the Originals card pattern, "Lucky Three," so I just ran with it. I created the sentiment on my computer and printed it in Hollyhock to match the card. After heat embossing the gold tiara, I swiped the edges of the sentiment piece in Versamark ink, sprinkled on the gold embossing powder, dumped off the excess, and heat set. Some Sparkles, a gold brad, Hollyhock ribbon, and Glitz glue finished it off nicely, if I do say so myself.
I took several of these with me to Convention and swapped them all out. Unfortunately I didn't save one for myself.


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